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Saturday, August 27, 2011

In My Lap (3)

In My Mailbox is hosted by Kristi over at The Story Siren. I'm calling mine In My Lap because 1) I do not have a mailbox, just a small cubby, 2) I do in fact have a lap, and most importantly, 3) clueless individuals will think this is really sketchy, and I like confusing people.

This week's pickings:

The Star Shard by Frederic S. Durbin (Pub: Feb 2012)
       A MG fantasy novel. The synopsis looks really interesting.
Hamlet by William Shakespeare
       Reading this next for my English class. Very excited, since I've always wanted to read Hamlet.

...And that is it for my physical copies. Of course, I also got 6 textbooks, but I'm sure you're not interested in those.

Some random eBooks:

The Folk Keeper by Franny Billingsley
       After I finished Billingsley's Chime, I immediately snatched this one up.
Pathfinder by Orson Scott Card
       I'm ashamed to say that I've only read 1 Card novel: Ender's Game. Although I've read Ender's Game a grand total of 4 times, so you'll let me off the hook, right?
Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart
       The title is hilarious. And the reviews -- both good and bad -- are really piquing my interest.

What landed in your lap this week?
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