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Born and grown* in Taiwan (a tiny country-island off the coast of China), I moved around a lot as a child and finally ended up in the US 5 years ago. Now, I am that girl you see, walking down the street in the bright floral sundress and wide-brimmed straw hat. I am that girl sitting on the library steps, with her glasses sliding off her nose as she frowns at the tome opened in front of her, balanced precariously on her knees.

As a high school junior, my life -- AP classes, SAT prep, and the like -- is pretty much a never-ending effort to get into a decent college. I find solace in reading, in immersing myself in fictional worlds, as cheesy as that sounds. Reviewing is simply a way for me to express my thoughts after finishing a novel. Sadly, only a few of my real-life friends are fellow readers, and that has driven me to find more bibliophiles elsewhere (read: the world wide web).

But enough about me. A Thousand Little Pages is a review blog dedicated to Young Adult novels. I've lingered on Goodreads and various book blogs long enough and felt like I should start my own, too. Hopefully this will turn out to be a worthwhile experience.

I acquire most of my review copies and ARCs from either TeensReadToo, Flamingnet, or VOYA. To contact me, email me at:

This page is currently under construction. Come to think of it, so is my life at the moment.

*I know; I sound like some sort of foreign fruit export.
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